Fares Al Arab distributed Intermass Scholarship to the students



Fares Al Arab for Development distributed payments for university students accepted in the “ Intermass Scholarship” funded by Intermass construction company in United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Tariq Al Banna, Chairman, confirmed that the scholarship handed over to the students that get the scholarship according to the criteria by organization in order to pay the fees of first semester in university. stressing that this grant ensures all university fees throughout the study period on a regular basis, according to special conditions developed by organization and through a comprehensive follow-up for students  by Aid and Grants department.

Students thanks Intermass company on their support for Palestinian students and Fares Al Arab organization, which give them opportunity to complete their academic learn in Palestinian universities.

Tariq Al Banna thanks business man Eng. Mahfouz Shuhebar and Mr. Anwar Samour for their efforts in support Palestinian students in Gaza strip through scholarships offered by them.