Fares Al Arab Distributes Financial Assistance and Orphans Sponsorship to Guaranteed Families


Fares Al Arab for Development & Charity Works continued providing financial assistance on a number of patients who are suffering from chronic diseases funded by a generous wisher from the Kingdome of Jordan, in order to mitigating their suffering under the high poverty rates and their inability to provide proper treatment to them.

As the grants and aid program withdraw monthly allotment for sponsored orphans for December 2016, where the organization keens to spend a regular financial assistance to enable the beneficiaries to meet their needs coincide with the start of winter.

The Vice Chairman of the Organization Mr. Zuhair Madi, confirmed that the organization keens to provide help and assistance to all vulnerable groups of poor people, orphans, the sick and the needy, explaining that the organization continues to make every effort to help the people of Gaza under the worsening economic situation as a result of the imposed siege on Gaza Strip since years.

The beneficiaries thanked Fares Al Arab for Development & Charity Works and the wisher for their support and care for the sick, poor families, and orphans, wishing their continuation of the humanitarian & charity works that support them and alleviate their difficult circumstances.