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Organization Programs

Education Program


Capacity Building Program

(Partner institutions)

Emergency and Relief Program

( Poor families)

Psychosocial Support Program


Economic Empowerment Program


Fares Al Arab always strive to achieve the noble & lofty goals


Children is a main component in development process in all communities

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Palestinian woman considered as a main part of Palestinian community since the women's

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Youth considered as one of the important resources that all

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Grants & Aids Program:

Our strategic plan give a space to adopt new initiatives or to respond to specific areas and with regard to relief and emergency sector it is flexible as a result of the different intervention mechanisms and it is based on emergency needs and humanitarian assistance.

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Fares Al-Arab Announces a Tender for "Winter Clothes for Children"

Fares Al-Arab Announces a Tender for "Winter Clothes for Children" Supply within "Emergency Wintersation Support for Needy Families in Gaza City" project Funded by Penny Appeal Under Taawon Supervision‏

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Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy

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Chairman Organization's Word


And say: "Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers". We are now working to make our dream come true, to be our present and future. Here is the idea becomes the outcomes of our hard works and the efforts of all the loyal volunteers who refused, however, to share our dream and principals, which has been transformed on the ground to become a reality and deed, it is to reach with our hands to a higher and more humanity world which where we are living. We have been able with God's help and his reconcile to carried out many relief and aid projects that meets the needs of Palestinian people from different segments of society, as part of the strategic plan prepared specially for the advancement of the Palestinian reality and to push the development wheel in front, to mark our huge brighten glory to be the beacon that lights the way for the younger generation, and that by faith, work and the creativity year after year, carrying the torch of hope and the resilience doers towards their dream of building the state of Palestine & society, and consolidate the concepts and national values. All thanks and appreciation to those who contributed to the success of idea, project, or any work that light our path with thought or generosity, we have all out gratitude peace, mercy and blessings of God.


Tariq Al-Banna

The Head of the Organization

Community Development Program

Foundation plays a pivotal role in the development of Palestinian society through the activities and projects aimed at all groups in order to raise their self-confidence and enable them to become change factor in their communities.

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Fares Al Arab appreciates the efforts of the partners

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