1 Education Program

Fares Al-Arab is committed to achieving its goals on organized and coordinated interventions within national strategies to contribute to improving and developing the reality of education in the Gaza Strip. The field of education is one of the priorities of the institution's work.

Fares Al-Arab focuses on the field of education by improving the spatial environment and providing modern teaching aids and devices, and on the other hand, providing assistance and support to poor families who are unable to provide access to schools and universities. The Foundation will target these selected groups through various employment creation interventions:


Strategic Objectives:

            Contribute to support and develop the educational sector for children and youth

Intervention Strategy:

  1. Contribute to developing the university education through scholarships.
  2. Support educational curricula through conducting supportive education workshops.
  3. Work on applying "Fun for Learning" methodology on many schools and stages of the study to reach with students to the stage of self-satisfaction.
  4. Offer practical training programs in all disciplines.
  5. Enhance the role of the primary stage by paying fees for children
  6. Capacity building of the new students after high school and forming their personality to enter the university stage through holding workshops and awareness workshops.
  7. Improve the learning process through suggesting the E-Learning and approving it at schools.

Specific Objective 2.1:

Support and improve the teaching and learning environment in educational institutions


2.1.1 Providing educational equipment in kindergartens and schools.

2.1.2 Providing assistive devices to students with special needs in schools.

2.1.3 Providing in-kind assistance to students like clothing and educational kits.

Specific Objective 2.2:

Contribute to develop students' levels and raise their educational attainment at different stages


2.2.1 Supporting the integration of students in the educational process and improving their level of scientific achievement.

2.2.2 Providing support programs for orphaned students.

2.2.3 Improving the environment of creativity and innovation and embracing creative students

2.2.4 Increasing the capacity of educational staff in the field of modern teaching methods and curricula


Fares Al-Arab works with its partners and donors to offer the needed fund to implement the Education Program and operating the necessary interventions at all levels of education whether through the implementation of programs with educational institutions such as training and awareness programs like (scholarships – decode the seized university certificates - training of graduate students) or through the implementation of direct programs with students and their families (school uniforms - school bag - stationery), in order to alleviate the pressures of life and obligations that are difficult to provide.


 2  Capacity Building Program  

The capabilities, creativity, abilities and commitment of our employee are the core base of our success as we develop the culture of empowering individuals and promoting innovation. We support the teamwork to deliver consistently high performance in all activities that demonstrate individual and group successes.

In order to achieve the best results for the development and capacity building, Fares Arab strategy works to cooperate with its partners and organization related to the programs and initiatives implemented by the organization, focusing on capacity building in the field of strategies, institutional policies, data collection and analysis, and improving decision-making.

The program implementation in Fares Al Arab strategy depends on:


Strategic Objective

Capacity building of Fares Al Arab and its partners


Specific Objectives

  1. Develop the plans and strategies according to the organization mission and vision


  1. Updated organization's Strategic Plan.
  2. Developing a Fundraising Strategy.
  3. Updating the organizations' administrative and financial system.


  1. To contribute to staff capacity building for the organization and its partners


  1. Updated Need Assessment Analysis for the organization and the partners.
  2. Improving the staff capacity of the organization and partners.
  3. Enhancing the management skills for the organization and the partners.


  1. Improve the organization network at the regional and international levels


  1. New partnerships and agreements with local and international organizations.
  2. Participation in relevant regional and international events and activities.
  3. Updating the organization's media plan and dissemination materials.


  1. Improve the organization's resources and infrastructure


  1. Establishment of a new headquarters for the organization.
  2. Developing the equipment and tools to facilitate the implementation of the organization's plans and activities.
  3. Updating the databases and information systems for the organization and the partners.


 3 Relief & Emergency Program



Given the current major challenges of the Gazan people, the need for a comprehensive and coordinated response to alleviate the poverty and to face emergency humanitarian crises become a priority for Fares Al-Arab. In this context, Fares Al-Arab designed a comprehensive program and trained its employee to provide the necessary support and services toward the basic needs of the most vulnerable and the poorest.


Strategy of our Intervention:

The proposed strategy to achieve the goal and objective is based on:

  • Quick-impact interventions for urgent support and basic social services, aimed at preserving people's lives during crises and emergency disasters.
  • Contribute to alleviate poverty and strengthen the resilience of communities in providing humanitarian assistance to poor and marginalized groups throughout Gaza Strip affected by long periods of siege, lack of employment and income.

The program is designed with full consideration of the living conditions, people's basic needs and priority sectors, which will be addressed during the implementation of the intervention in this program.  


Program 4: Relief and Emergency Program

Strategic Objective:

To contribute to strengthening the resilience of Palestinian community in case of emergencies, crises and disasters

Specific Objectives

  1. Contribute to support food security for the poorest groups in the Gaza Strip


  1. Distributing of Food parcels and financial assistance
  2. Providing nonfood item and basic needs to families during crises
  3. To contribute to the development of the health system to respond to the community needs during emergencies and crises


  1. Providing urgent medical supplies during emergencies and crisis
  2. Supporting families with special health care needs


  1. To improve the living conditions of the groups affected by wars and crisis



  1. Rehabilitation of the houses for poor families affected by the war
  2. Providing basic needs for poor families



4 Psychosocial Support Program

  • Fares Al-Arab Strategy


Strategic Objective

Mitigating the psychological and social effects of poor economic conditions and the difficulty of life in the Gaza Strip.

Intervention Strategy

The proposed strategy for achieving the main objective and sub-targets is based on the following:

Special Objectives:

  1. Contribute to improving the psychological and social conditions of war-affected groups in the Gaza Strip


3.1.1 Provide psychological support programs for children in kindergartens and schools.

3.1.2 Psychosocial support for women in marginalized areas after the war.

3.1.3 Establish and support the construction of a social network that contributes to providing friendly, safe and supportive places for children and their families.

3.1.4 Implement initiatives that support youth participation in the implementation of psychosocial support programs.

3.1.5 Cooperation with partner organizations to provide psychological and social support programs for groups in need of specialized psychological and social care.






Overall Goal and Objective

Given the current major challenges of the Palestinian and taking into account its social, economic and fiscal burden on the Palestinian people, the need for a comprehensive and coordinated response is becoming a priority for Fares Al-Arab.  In this context, Fares Al-Arab designed a comprehensive programme to respond the Palestinians challenges and needs.


Overall goal:

To contribute to Poverty reduction in the Gaza Strip and respond to urgent needs of crisis-affected Palestinian people in Gaza Strip where people can have a decent life and empowered towards long-term development.


Strategy of our intervention:

The proposed strategy to achieve the goal and objective is based on:

-          Investing in quick-impact interventions for rapid employment creation and support to basic social services, that is  geared towards sustaining stability.

-          Transforming the quick-wins into long-term sustainable solutions to contribute poverty alleviation and enhance community resilience, in particular, with regard to enhancing employability, employment creation, and local economic development.

The programme is designed with full consideration of the limited labour market in Gaza Strip and the priority sectors, and that will be addressed during the implementation of the intervention in this program.


Specific Objectives and Results 

Specific Objective 1:

To contribute to improving the economic conditions for poor families towards the improvement of livelihoods and basic social services delivery.

Result 1.1: Emergency employment to sustainable livelihoods creation is provided targeting on the unskilled labor from poor and marginalized families.

Result 1.2:  Short-term employment is created targeting unskilled workers, new graduates and women, using labor-incentive schemes and job placement.

Specific Objective 2:

Enhancing youth employability through skills-matching, small business growth and capacity development towards local economic development.

Result 2.1: Demand driven vocational and training support provided to ensure self-reliance and long-term income generating opportunities

Result 2.2:  Micro and Small businesses are promoted towards employment creation, income generation and timely and efficient services delivery.

Result 2.3: Microcredits and grants are provided for business startups and entrepreneurs to create new self-employed businesses.

Specific Objective 3:

To enhance and support women's self-esteem and strengthened their role in the community and economic development.

Result 3.1: High-quality capacity building, skills development, and vocational education programmes are delivered for women to enhance self-employment and business leadership.

Result 3.2: Job placement programme is established and implemented to link and enhance integration of women in the private sector.

Result 3.3: Incubation and microfinance are provided for women and orphans families to develop and improve own resilience.